Creating Our Own Paths

This one’s for those who chose an unconventional career path and defied the “rules” of life. 

When people ask you what you’re doing in life and you tell them about it, you get reactions like: “What!!!”, “Why didn’t you choose it earlier?”, “You should do something in the field that you’re qualified in. It’s too late.” And if it’s not the nagging questions, you become a source of a hearty laugh for them. Do NOT let those narrow minds make you doubt your decision. You took the unconventional path so that you don’t end up hating your job and eventually your life. And that’s what you are working for, not to please the society. They say that success comes to those who dare and act. You dared and now it’s time for you to act and reach that dream that gave you the strength to defy in the first place. 

However, making that kind of decision often brings down the number of your supporters to half of what it used to be when you lived life like a robot. What people don’t understand is that robots don’t care if they’re supported or not; but humans do get affected by it. So if you’ve decided to walk an unconventional path, you need to be prepared to feel lonely sometimes. You can’t escape that feeling because it’s a human emotion. And we’ve pretty much established that you are human. 

When the bad feelings hit you, it gets harder than you thought it would be. You start failing at your attempts, and you feel like there’s nothing in this world that you can do. You want to skip to the moment when you’ve got it all set. It feels like you’ve been through enough. But it’s just a start. You’re gonna have to fight way more than you are right now. 

You might start thinking that it would’ve been better if you went with the flow and didn’t think about what you love doing.  Read that sentence again. Doesn’t it sound a little messed up? Why would anyone give up on something they love? And the fact that you went with what your heart said proves that you can reach the end of this tunnel. Because you weren’t unaware of the consequences. You just knew that no matter what happens you’ll fight for the life that you want and you won’t give up.  

So whenever you feel like you can’t do this anymore, think about how proud you’ll be when you finally win. You’ll be living a happy, fun and peaceful life that you wanted. Let the people talk. You don’t have to answer to them. The only ones you need to answer to are the ones who’ve always been there for you. Friends and family that gave you the strength when you needed it. Think about them and think about yourself. Don’t let all those efforts, including yours, go in vain.  

This is just a reminder that you can reach your goals. And you will. All you need to do is keep moving forward everyday even if it’s just one step a day. Bottom line… NEVER GIVE UP. 

#AlwaysKeepFighting #YouAreNotAlone 

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