Misguiding First Impressions

“First impression is the last impression”

A clichéd and ambiguous line. Some people make you feel it’s true, while some don’t. And there are times when one person can make you feel both ways.

Let’s break it down…

Life is about learning from your mistakes and changing yourself for the better. To become stronger. To face every little struggle head on and beat it like a pro.

For people who find a way to do it, it’s an accomplishment that’s hard to explain because it seemed impossible to them at the time. But that didn’t stop them.

When people decide to change some things about themselves it is for selfish reasons, but  mostly, it’s to be good to important people in their lives. They wanna be good sons/daughters, good siblings, good friends. Basically, a better human being.

So don’t judge people based on their first impression on you. Whoever you meet for the first time is just in the process of becoming what they’re supposed to be.


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