True Happiness: An anecdote 


There’s something really positive about experiencing true inner happiness even for a few seconds when you’re going through a time that doesn’t let you experience most of it… It’s like the feeling you get when you drink a glass of water when you’ve been thirsty the whole day.

Driving the car with my younger brother sitting shotgun, on our way to run an errand, I was reversing it and just when I push the clutch for the first gear, my brother puts it in first for me and I see that mischievous/contagious smile of his… I start laughing and after a long time, it feels like an actual happy laugh. Nothing superficial just to keep the atmosphere happy, but a genuine heartfelt laugh. And this pure 5 second happiness was enough to make me positive again.

I guess I found that happiness when I was really looking for something good instead of wondering why we feel a certain way that we can’t explain. We need to remember to look for the good in whatever crap we think is happening with or around us. That’s how we’ll get through the not so good days and on top of that, be proud that we conquered those days when we reach the inevitable good ones.

P.S. I hope I remember that.

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